The science behind hangovers

What IS a hangover? What is actually going on in the body when we feel hungover and how does Zabino help?


A hangover is typically referred to as the experience of various unpleasant effects following the consumption of alcohol (ethanol). Hangovers can last anywhere from several hours to more than 24 hours as the body replenishes and rebalances. Typical symptoms may include headache, drowsiness, trouble sleeping, concentration problems, nausea or simply a general feeling of being unwell and in discomfort.


What’s happening on a physiological level is that when alcohol is broken down in the body by enzymes, called Alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), a chemical called acetaldehyde is created, which is estimated to be 40 times more toxic than alcohol and the main reason that we feel ill after we have consumed alcohol in excess.  Some of us suffer more than others from acetaldehyde, due to quite normal genetic variability, which helps to explain why some people suffer from worse hangover effects than others.


Acetaldehyde then gets slowly broken down in our bodies by ADLH enzymes. Those of us with genetically low levels of ALDH or those of us who drink alcohol quickly or to excess can overwhelm the normal capacity of our body to break down acetaldehyde.


The body normally makes ADH & ALDH to relatively match the intake of alcohol & acetaldehyde respectively. However the body needs a number of natural substances to enable this process, including cysteine, thiamine, nicotinamide and pyridoxine, which can become depleted after alcohol consumption. All of these naturally derived substances are contained in the formula of Zabino.

Zabino contains a number of natural substances that can become depleted after alcohol consumption, and through which can accelerate the detoxifying of acetaldehyde (and also reducing some of its other unwanted effects, such as oxidative stress).


The positive effects of the ingredients in Zabino have been demonstrated in research studies to assist in the metabolism of alcohol and particularly acetaldehyde.


Other factors that contribute to hangover symptoms may include dehydration, a shift in blood glucose and the depletion of various vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants within the body that impact other physiological processes. Zabino contains various ingredients to also help counteract these effects including electrolytes to help the hydration balance (although you should also drink plenty of water), B vitamins that are depleted as described above, and various anti-oxidants to mitigate oxidative stress. Zabino also contains ingredients, including Milk Thistle, that can support the liver, the body’s main detoxifying organ.


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